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Sales Training Program – 10.2

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customerservice cartoonUPLIFTING SERVICE!


Are you looking to Challenge your own customer relations skills & increase your sales?

If so, come listen to Ron Kaufman speak for 1 hour on how to increase Customer Relations!

What Will You Learn?

“Ron Kaufman is the Service Founder and Chairman for UP Your Service! Ron is one of the world’s most sought-after educators, consultants, thought-leaders and customer service speakers on the topic of achieving superior service.” (Kaufman, 2013).


His One-Hour Session will teach you: (According to Kaufman, 2013)

  • The secret to seeing the world from your customers’ point of view.
  • The six proven steps to going from “basic” to “unbelievable” service.
  • How to transform complaints into opportunities, creating valuable customers for life.
  • Three strategies and tactics for managing customer expectations.

~Check Ron out at: http://ronkaufman.com/speaking/~


Friday, August 1, 2014 from 3:30pm – 4:30pm


Office Conference Room Upstairs.

Reasons to Attend:

  1. An opportunity to increase Customer Relations & your sales
  2. Free Beverages and Snacks
  3. All participants can leave a half hour early (with pay) to get a head start on their long weekend!
  4. DRAW PRIZE:2 night Stay at Chateau Lake Louise (Lake View Rm), with a $500 VISA Gift Card!!

The Catch: (Don’t worry! It’s small, and its only purpose is to check if the training was useful)

The training Program will be evaluated by using KirkPatrick’s Four Stage Model:

  • Participant Reactions – a survey emailed to all participants
  • Participant Learning – Performance Tests (role-playing) before training, and then 6 months after
  • Behavioural Changes – Managers will shadow staff to watch their customer interactions
  • Organizational Objective – Measuring Sales to see if there is a 5% increase 3 months and then 6 months after training. To ensure the sales are a result of the training, the numbers will be compared to those who did not participate in the training).



Diaz, Antonio. (April 17, 2010). Free Magazine: The awful estonian customer service and an angry spaniard. Retrieved from: http://www.freemagazine.fi/the-awful-estonian-customer-service-and-an-angry-spaniard/ (CARTOON)

Kaufman, Ron. (2013). I believe Service. Retrieved from http://ronkaufman.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Service_Keynote_Ron_Kaufman.pdf



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